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A sweltering Florida heatwave is the perfect backdrop for this legal thriller about an adulterous tryst between unhappily married socialite Matty Kathleen Turner in her first role and her enamored lover Ned William Hurt.

  • Movie sex, after all, is more exciting when there is a possibility that its participants may turn out to be enemies.

  • Vore is not my thing, but have at it! This Swedish porno from 1978 has a delightfully whimsical premise: A group of friends gather for a celebration on a small islet and find an ancient, magical viking horn that makes everyone who hears its sound incredibly, well, horny.

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  • Two men meet at a gay club late one Friday and spend the night together.

  • The movie follows Mio, a struggling writer whose book, Flesh Futon, becomes a best-seller.

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