Genital beads - 🧡 Spontaneous extrusion of male genital pearling

Genital beads

Beads genital Tragus Piercing

Beads genital Genital Beads

Genital Beading

Beads genital Pearling (body

A safer form of genital beading?

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Beads genital

Beads genital

Beads genital

Beads genital

Beads genital

Genital beading can also be done by creating a type of pocket or tunnel type of thing into the skin, and an entire row of beads can be shoved through into this one pocket.

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  • A very widely worn piercing is the , for example as a trendy tongue piercing.

To remove beads, your piercer will squeeze together the skin behind the bead, forcing the genital skin to become tight over the bead.

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