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Downed plane hit by train in LA after pilot freed

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The ChasePlane developers had to make all those changes in the code and recompile them so that the aforementioned one properly communicates within the memory with the new version of P3D - version 4.

  • Dispatch confirmed to The Sun that John David piloted the plane and put in the 911 call.

  • Thank you for your support! Police say the pilot was the lone occupant in the aircraft and was uninjured.

However I notice there is a black flash when switching camera if Advanced Features is disabled, so after setting up my cameras, I put Advanced Features back on.

  • The Federal Aviation Administration and the National Transportation Safety Board have been notified of the crash and.

  • ChasePlane include revolutionary features like an In-Sim View Selector, full camera control, including roll axis and zoom, Cinematic Mode, realistic turbulence and so much more.

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