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Cat bondage

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Bondage cat Bondage

Inside the Colorado Mansion where the kittens of BDSM run wild

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What is kitten play?

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Bondage cat

Bondage cat

Bondage cat

Bondage cat

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  • Romance — French art house flick has Carolyn Ducey naked and ballgagged and with crotch ropes on in one scene not to worry, she is French, and her thatch of pubic hair does more than a mere thong could to keep her naughty bits hidden.

  • She has also been gifted miraculously large breasts by some wonderful god that has chosen to smile upon me at this moment.

Participants can experience an altered state of mind, usually referred to as sub- or pet- space, letting go of human worries and returning to baser instincts, allowing for full immersion in the present.

  • Many kittens and gents watch her in awe.

  • Because there is no zipper at all , the only opening left is the air outlet.

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