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Inside the French nudist resort where swingers flocked to spend hot vax summer

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Cap d'Agde: sand, nudity and more

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There is no way you are going to avoid this.

  • Have fun and be friendly--you never know who you'll meet there.

  • On the downside, there are not many showers and toilets on the beach itself which partly explains the dunes smell.

Nudity is not required and participation is completely voluntary - not compulsory.

  • Any more than that, you'll likely need to appoint someone to organize the whole thing since everyone has an opinion on what to do, where to go and how to get there.

  • Das Melrose hatte erstmals geöffnet aber es pfiff ein kalter Wind durch das recht zugige Lokal, sodaß manche sexy gekleidete Dame eine Gänsehaut bekam.

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